Department of mineralogy, isotope geochemistry of precious and base metal deposits

Head of department: S.G. Kryazhev, PhD, phone: (499) 613-18-11, 8-910-462-49-16 (mob.), e-mail:

Deputy head of department: None.

Number of employees: 11.

Including PhD: 4.

Main activities and functions

  • Scientific and technical prospecting support based on mineralogical-geochemical, petrographic and thermobarogeochemical studies using innovative methods and technologies to investigate rock and mineral composition and properties in diamond, precious and base metal deposit prospecting.
  • Development of prospecting mineralogical-geochemical models of standard ore deposits.
  • Development and introduction of various mineralogical-geochemical, isotope- geochemical and thermobarogeochemical methods and techniques of local forecasting and prospecting for ore deposits.
  • Thin and polished section examination.
  • Instrumental mineral diagnostics (X-ray phase analysis, I-R Fourier spectroscopy, X-ray spectrographic microanalysis).
  • Mineralogical analysis of concentrates, ore concentrates, technological samples and their processing products.
  • Mineral typomorphism studies.
  • Wallrock alteration formational analysis.

Number of Contracts and subcontracts for 2008-2018 – 50.

Number of Public contracts and subcontracts for 2008-2018 – 20.

Major conferences attended by the department’s employees

  • XV-XXI Acad. A.P. Vinogradov geochemistry symposia. Moscow. 1998-2016.
  • XIII-XVI Russian and international thermobarogeochemistry conferences. Moscow – Novosibirsk. 2008-2014.
  • Problems of diamond deposit forecasting and prospecting within closed areas. Conference dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the TsNIGRI’s Yakutian Research Geological Enterprise JSC ALROSA. Yakutsk. 2008.
  • Annual experimental mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry seminar. Moscow. 2007, 2008.
  • Problems of ore deposit geology, mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry. Scientific conference devoted to Acad. F.V. Chukhrov 100th anniversary. Moscow. 2008.
  • Metalliferous and nonmetalliferous deposit forecasting, prospecting and evaluation.