Department of mineral base analysis and monitoring

Head of department: Ya.V. Alekseev, PhD

Deputy head of department: None.

Number of employees: 9

Including PhD: 4

Main activities and functions

  • Compilation of information and analytical materials on the national diamond, gold, silver, PGM, copper, zinc, nickel and cobalt mineral base status, change, use and development
  • Compilation of information and analytical materials as part of the natural resources replacement and use program implementation

Number of Contracts and subcontracts for 2008-2018 – 35.

Number of Public contracts and subcontracts for 2008-2018 – 14.

Major conferences attended by the department’s employees

  • Scientific and methodical basics of base, precious metal and diamond deposit forecasting, prospecting and evaluation – status and prospects. Scientific and practical conference. Moscow. 2016, 2017.
  • Arctic region: present and past. VII International forum. Saint Petersburg. 2017.
  • Russian gold: results for 2017 – output and consumption. Conference. Moscow. 2018.
  • Arctic region: offshore projects and sustainable development of regions (Arctic-2018). III International conference. Moscow. 2018.
  • North East: territory of development. III conference. Moscow. 2018.