Department of geological and economic deposit evaluation and inferred resource approval

Head of department: D.A. Kulikov, PhD, certificate of the Russian Mininstry of Natural Resources and Ecology, excellent subsurface explorer, “Russian Geological Survey” badge, Fersman medal. Phone: +7 (495) 315-27-92, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deputy head of department: A.A. Krasnoselskikh, PhD

Number of employees: 13

Including PhD: 5

Main activities and functions

  • Inferred resource and reserve estimation.
  • Mineral deposit and ore occurrence geological and economic evaluation.
  • Inferred resource approval.
  • Geological and economic information transfer to the Federal Agency on Subsurface Use (Rosnedra) and its territorial authorities for decision-making in subsurface use process and mineral base replacement

Number of Contracts and subcontracts for 2008-2018 – 14.

Number of Public contracts and subcontracts for 2008-2018 – 3.

Major conferences attended by the department’s employees

  • Russian gold mining. Status and development prospects. 10th International conference. Moscow. 2008.
  • Geosciences – way from new concepts to new discoveries. 3rd International conference and exhibition. Saint Petersburg. 2008.
  • XXXIII International Geological Congress. Oslo. 2008.
  • Metalliferous and nonmetalliferous deposit forecasting, prospecting and evaluation – advances and prospects. Scientific and practical conference. Moscow. 2008.
  • Innovative directions of the Russian mineral complex development. Roundtable. Saint Petersburg. 2009.
  • Planning principles and proposals on geological prospecting development to replace the Russian nonfuel mineral base for 2015-2020. Scientific and practical conference. Moscow. 2014.
  • Scientific and methodical basics of precious, base metal and diamond deposit forecasting, prospecting and evaluation – status and prospects. Scientific and practical conference. Moscow. 2016.