Department of diamonds

Head of department: Yu.K. Golubev, PhD, honored subsurface explorer, Fersman medal, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , phone: (495) 315-28-65.

Deputy head of department: S.Yu. Golubev, PhD, certificate of the Federal Agency of Subsurface Use, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Number of employees: 15 (Moscow), 10 (Saint Petersburg).

Including PhD: 8.

Main activities and functions

  • Expert and methodical support of federal prospecting initiatives to replace diamond mineral base within the Russian Federation;
  • Russian diamond mineral base (reserves, inferred resources) monitoring;
  • Information and analytical materials compilation as part of the natural resource replacement and use federal program implementation;
  • Determination of priority directions for diamond prospecting;
  • Compilation of diamond potential prognostic maps of 1:25,000,000 - 1:20,000 scale;
  • Development of technologies and techniques for diamond deposit prospecting in complex prospecting environments;
  • Support of the Federal Agency of Subsurface Use and its territorial authorities with the information on diamond inferred resource status within the Russian Federation as well as basic geological and geological/economic data for administrative decision making in planning, subsurface use, diamond mineral base replacement;
  • Participation in short- and long-term federal programs – “Russian subsurface mineral resource geological study and estimation”;
  • Compilation of the Russian diamond province prospecting database;
  • Construction of prognostic diamond potential maps (various scales);
  • Consulting geological organizations in diamond prospecting;
  • Prospecting to identify diamond deposits.

Number of Contracts and subcontracts for 2008-2018 – 3.

Number of Public contracts and subcontracts for 2008-2018 – 20.

Major conferences attended by the department’s employees

  • Problems of diamond deposit forecasting and prospecting within closed areas. Conference dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the TsNIGRI’s Yakutian Research Geological Enterprise JSC ALROSA. Mirny. 2008.
  • Metalliferous and nonmetalliferous deposit forecasting, prospecting and evaluation – advances and prospects. Moscow, 2008.
  • Igneous rock geochemistry. The Earth’s alkaline magmatism school. XXV Russian seminar involving the CIS countries. Saint Petersburg. 2008.
  • Current problems of geological subsurface study and nonfuel mineral base replacement. Moscow. 2008.
  • Pacific ore belt: new research data. Vladivostok. 2008.
  • Nonfuel minerals geology, prospecting and complex evaluation. II scientific and practical conference of young scientists and specialists. Moscow. 2009.
  • I International scientific and practical conference of young scientists and specialists in commemoration of Acad. A.P. Karpinsky. Saint Petersburg. 2009.
  • Current problems of the Earth satellite remote sensing. VII Russian open annual conference. Moscow. 2009.
  • New concepts in geosciences. IX International conference. Moscow, 2009.
  • Magmatism and metamorphism in the Earth’s history. XI Russian petrographic conference. Ekaterinburg. 2010.
  • New horizons in magmatism and mineralization study. Scientific conference. Moscow. 2010.
  • Current problems of Precambrian geology, geophysics and geoecology. XXI student scientific conference in commemoration of USSR Academy of Sciences corresponding member K.O. Kratz. Saint Petersburg. 2010.
  • Crusts of weathering placers and deposits: current problems of study and development. XIV International conference for placer geology and crusts of weathering deposits. Novosibirsk. 2010.
  • Sudak geological readings. International scientific and practical conference. Sudak-Simferopol. 2010.
  • Mineral centers identification and resource supply within the Russian Federation. Roundtable. Saint Petersburg. 2010.
  • Current geoscience status. International conference in commemoration of V.E. Khain. Moscow. 2011.
  • Scientific and methodical basics of nonfuel mineral deposit forecasting, prospecting and evaluation – status and prospects. Scientific and practical conference in commemoration of A.I. Krivtsov. Moscow. 2011.
  • Ore potential of alkaline, kimberlite and carbonatite magmatism. XXVIII International conference. Minsk. 2011.
  • Theoretical and practical issues of geophysical field geological interpretation. D.G. Uspensky International seminar’s XXXVIII session. Perm. 2011.
  • Diamond and its primary source formation models. Ukranian shield and adjacent areas’ diamond potential prospects. International scientific conference. Kiev. 2012.
  • Mingeo Siberia 2012. VI International mining and geological forum. Krasnoyarsk. 2012.
  • Ore-forming processes: way from genetic concepts to new ore province and deposit discovery. Russian conference (internationally attended) dedicated to Acad. N.A. Shilo 100th anniversary. Moscow. 2013.
  • Current problems of theoretical, experimental and applied mineralogy (Yushkin readings – 2013). Mineralogical seminar. Syktyvkar. 2013.
  • Nonfuel mineral geology, prospecting and complex evaluation. V scientific and practical conference of young scientists and specialists. Moscow. 2013.
  • XII Russian petrographic conference attended by foreign scientists. Petrozavodsk. 2015.
  • The Earth’s alkaline magmatism and associated strategic metal deposits. XXXIII International conference. Moscow. 2016.
  • Geological subsurface study development strategy: present and future. International scientific and practical conference. Moscow. 2018.