TsNIGRI’s postgraduate school owns a permanent license granted by a federal authority, full-time and extramural education is available.

Its work is divided into three specialties:

  • 25.00.09 “Geochemistry, geochemical methods of mineral prospecting”
  • 25.00.11 “Geology, nonfuel mineral prospecting and exploration, minerageny”
  • 25.00.13 “Mineral processing”

Admission to the postgraduate course is held annually in the timeframe set by TsNIGRI. Persons who have higher professional education (graduates of specialties and magistracy) are admitted.

The institute provides the environment enabling successful postgraduate training. Postgraduate students and applicants have free access to equipment, laboratories, education and methodical rooms, libraries, geological repositories, participate in fieldworks as part of selected research programs. Postgraduate students are annually certified by the Scientific Council sections.

Full-time and extramural training takes 3 and 4 years, respectively.

Persons admitting full-time and extramural postgraduate school take admission exams in philosophy, foreign language, selected speciality covering the program for a specialist or master. Admitting graduate students who have previously passed PhD exams, in full or partly, are exempt from respective admission exams.

Documents required for admission are:

  • application submitted to the institute’s director;
  • notarized copy of diploma;
  • HR-certified personal profile with photo;
  • list of published papers, inventions, research reports (if available);
  • specialty abstract (12-14 printed pages);
  • abstract review from an expected supervisor;
  • PhD exam certificate (if available);
  • passport and diploma are submitted by admitting students.

Full-time postgraduate students may be enrolled in a full-time position for the institute’s departments, other student funding conditions for the training period may be agreed.

Application and document acceptance timeframes are February 15 – April 15 and September 15 – November 15.