In March 1935, A.P. Serebrovsky, an eminent public figure, a high-rank official in the Soviet Au-Pt industry and head of “Glavzoloto”, initiated the setup of the gold industry’s geological prospecting institute, NIGRI, as a department of “Zolotorazvedka” trust with a view to systematic and comprehensive gold deposit study, scientific validation of prospecting and exploration ways and detailed research in gold deposit geology, geophysics an exploration, Its first director was professor N.N. Gornostaev. Since January 1936, the institute was spun off the trust as an independent entity, NIGRIZoloto

Since 1976, over 460 gold deposits have been identified in the USSR and Russian Federation. TsNIGRI employees were involved in evaluation and exploration of 360 of them, 307 and 257, respectively copper, 151 and 103 lead and zinc, 64 and 52 silver deposits. The personal contribution of the institute’s researchers in these and other country-wide prominent works was appreciated by many rewards. The institute boasts of 18 laureates of state awards, 25 laureates of the USSR Council of Ministers and the Russian government prize, 10 laureates of the USSR Ministry of Geology prize, 15 deposit discoverers, 11 honored science workers and honored geologists of Russia, 35 honorable subsurface exploring workers, 159 excellent subsurface explorers, 23 associate members and corresponding members of the Russian public academies, 10 members of international associations and foreign geological societies, 49 employees were awarded orders and medals.