Services for investors

Using innovation methods and instrumentation we will:

  • Collect geological dataset on deposits, ore fields and districts
  • Develop forecasting/prospecting deposit models
  • Propose the best complex of geological prospecting approaches and methods
  • Compose geological project and budget for geological prospecting and evaluation.
  • Estimate resources and reserves
  • Evaluate profitability of new deposits mining and peripheral parts of mines being extracted.
  • Develop the best way of mineral processing and recovery using minor technological samples.

We successfully develop, use and improve innovation methods and instrumentation

  • Analysis of diamond typomorphism by optically active defects (nitrogen and hydrogen)
  • Fire assay, atomic absorption, atomic emission, neutron activation, X-ray fluorescence and other methods to analyze rocks and ores
  • Arbitration analysis for precious and base metals
  • Immediate technological mineral evaluation by minor technological samples
  • Technological regulations of complex ore processing
  • Biohydrometallurgical technologies to process refractory Au-As ores and concentrates
  • Efficient processing technology for ores containing “invisible” and fine gold