Research areas

Information and analytical materials

  • Russian mineral base: status and use monitoring:
    • diamond, precious and base metal mineral base (DPBM MB) characteristics throughout the Russian Federation, federal districts and subjects, deposits at various commercial development stages;
    • reporting on subsurface user activities aimed at mineral resource use and DPBM MB replacement;
    • domestic mineral market conditions, mined and processed mineral products import and export.
  • Global, regional and national precious, base metal and diamond market status and role:
    • MB characteristics by countries and regions and major mining industry operational performance;
    • MB trends, development and use prospects including major prospecting results.

Complex study of regional mining potential

  • Complex geological and economic zonong, evaluation and revaluation of ore districts, precious and base metal deposits;
  • Geological and economic evaluation of mineral deposits attractive to investors at various study stages;
  • Modeling potential nonfuel deposit mining variants based on virtual investment projects;
  • Geological and economic deposit revaluation based on innovative technologies;
  • Nonfuel mineral deposit and subsurface blocks’ geological and economic evaluation and appraisal.

Scientific-methodical and analytical works

  • Scientific and methodical support of nonfuel mineral prospecting undertaken as part of a federal initiative;
  • Recommendations on prospecting technology and method use within prospective sites;
  • Introduction of innovative rock and ore composition study methods to prospecting;
  • Forecasting and prospecting deposit models.