3rd China Gold Congress and Expo, July 24-26, Beijing (China)

17 August 2018, 12:00 am
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World Gold Council’s poster World Gold Council’s poster

E.E. Kotelnikov, Head of international cooperation department, represented FSBI “TsNIGRI” within the Russian delegation attending China Gold Congress and Expo.

The event’s program included:

  • presentations on various gold prospecting issues;
  • presentations on precious metals market conditions;
  • presentations on gold turnover in banking and jewellery sectors;
  • exhibition of top Chinese and some global gold mining and processing companies (posters).

The event was supported by the World Gold Council and Chinese Gold Miners’ Association.

The exhibition was focused on various gold turnover issues – from prospecting to selling gold as bullions, coins or ornaments. Companies such as IAMGOLD, London Metal Exchange, Shandong Gold Group, LBMA, London Stock Exchange, etc. were represented.

As a Congress participant, E.E. Kotelnikov organized 2 business meetings with the management of China State Geological Survey’s Center of Development and Research and China Geoscience Academy’s Institute of Mineral Resources to launch and develop scientific and business collaboration.

Opening of gold prospecting section, Lyu Xiaozhao

E.E. Kotelnikov standing at Shandong Humon Ltd. poster with the company representative.