VIII International scientific and practical conference: “Scientific and methodical basics of diamond, precious and base metal deposit forecasting, prospecting and evaluation”

31 May 2018, 12:00 am
Last modified on Thursday, 31 May 2018 15:41

In April 2018 TsNIGRI held the International Conference focused on various aspects of geological prospecting and evaluation of precious and base metal and diamond deposits. The Conference was supported by the Federal Agency of Subsurface Use (Rosnedra) and the Russian Geological Society.

The conference program included:

  • Plenary session – “Prioritized directions of diamond, precious and base metals forecasting/prospecting and prospecting/evaluation”;
  • Section 1 – “Scientific and methodical basics of deposit forecasting, prospecting, evaluation and precious and base metal prospecting results”;
  • Section 2 – “Diamond deposit forecasting and prospecting status and prospects”.

These three sessions comprise more than 160 presentations from 62 organizations and institutions, including Russian Academy of Sciences, Rosnedra and mining companies. For the first time the Conference welcomed overseas participants from five Chinese geological organizations including Geological Survey and University of Geosciences.

The scientific part of the Conference was preceded by the Museum Opening Ceremony. Geological museum of TsNIGRI welcomed visitors in newly renovated spacious room hosting representative sample collection.

During three days, participants were discussing many problems of geological prospecting and exploration, deposits evaluation and modeling. The scientific program covered all range of topics from detailed study of particular deposit to regional forecasting models for various commodities. New methods and techniques used in geological investigations of all stages have been presented in numerous talks, as well as economic aspects of exploration and mineral resources evaluation. The major part of presentations was dedicated to results of recent studies done on many deposits and ore clusters in Russia. Participants showed impressive data for deposits of Urals, Siberia, Polar regions and Far East.

In addition to full-filled scientific program participants had an opportunity to see unique copper deposits during the post-conference geological field trip. The short but intense field-trip included visit the Sibai massive sulfide and Mikheevskoye porphyry copper deposits – leading world geological-industrial types of copper-ore objects of the South Ural.