TsNIGRI is the industry’s diversified top player with long-standing traditions. Its work focuses on methodological, scientific-methodical and technological innovations creation and realization, exploration support to develop and replace diamond, gold, silver, PGM, copper, lead, zinc, nickel and cobalt mineral base. The institute’s innovative technologies complement a complex of operations for deposit forecasting, prospecting evaluation and exploration, subsurface resource identification and rational use as specific exploration technological cycles ensuring their geological and economic efficiency growth.

TsNIGRI was founded in 1935 to ensure steady gold output in Russia. The institute’s activities include forecast, prospecting, exploration and evaluation of diamond, precious and base metal deposits; methods and technologies of geological prospecting. The Institute has established scientific schools which are developing effectively; they were created by outstanding researchers well-reputed in the Russian geological community, CIS and overseas. TsNIGRI intensively develops advanced scientific research into fundamental knowledge of mineral deposits’ formation conditions and localization regularities. Scientific fundamentals, methods, technologies and equipment for geological prospecting and deposit evaluation were created. Models of ore-forming systems formation, models and forecast-prospecting complexes of the main geological and economic deposit types were developed. Methodological guidelines were prepared to evaluate inferred resources of diamonds, gold, silver, PGM, nickel, copper, lead and zinc. Over 465 gold deposits were identified in Russia and CIS for the last 35 years with TsNIGRI participating in discovery of 360 of them; 307 copper deposits (TsNIGRI’s contribution – 257); 153 lead and zinc deposits (103); 64 silver deposits (52).

Since 2000, work has started to create an actualized system to control mineral base development – long-term forecasts of economy’s mineral support, national mineral security, program- and purpose-oriented systems of mineral base reproduction, methods and procedures to evaluate and revaluate inferred resources.

In 2004, TsNIGRI (a coordinating agency) developed “Long-term state program to study mineral resources and reproduce Russian mineral base on the basis of mineral consumption/reproduction balance (2005-2010 and up to 2020)”. According to this program, TsNIGRI coordinates activity of industry-wide scientific and producing organizations on reproduction of mineral base of 37 minerals, provides scientific and methodological support of federal geological prospecting and subsoil use monitoring. At the same time, the institute’s working groups realize previous and new methodological approaches to perform geological prospecting.

TsNIGRI revaluates inferred resources, performs geological and economic deposit evaluation, valuation of reserves and resources, estimates and predicts mineral output and use for the near- and long term, substantiates efficient ways to prospect for hardrock minerals; they ensure Rosnedra’s geological exploration planning and enable subsoil use licensing. TsNIGRI develops innovative technologies (including nanotechnologies) to increase total recovery and use of high-liquidity minerals at deposits of new and non-conventional types, including ores on the World Ocean floor.

Results of TsNIGRI’s works are well-recognized. The editions – “Exogenous gold and platinum content of the Russian Federation – a set of maps” (2001), “Scientific substantiation, creation and realization of the system to predict and reproduce the Russian mineral base of precious and base metals” (2007) – were awarded with the Russian government prize. The edition “National mineral security” was awarded with A.N. Kosygin prize and diploma of the Russian Geological Society (2001).

For the last 15 years, state rewards were awarded to 13 TsNIGRI employees, 19 employees became laureates of the Russian government prizes (5 of them – twice), 180 employees received industry rewards.

The institute has unique information resources: books and journals – 90,000; R&D files – 13,000; geological maps – 100,000; museum’s stone material depository – 4,000 units. TsNIGRI is a co-founder of “Otechestvennaya Geologia” (“Domestic Geology”) and “Rudy i Metally” (“Ores and Metals”) journals. During the last decade, 50 scientific-methodological and applied monographs were released.

TsNIGRI prepares highly skilled scientific personnel at post-graduate courses. Since 1967, a total of 280 theses (including 45 D.Sc. and 239 Ph.D.) were supported by the institute’s Treatise Boards. At present, the institute’s staff totals 250 persons including 8 Doctors of Science and 45 Philosophy Doctors, 9 laureates of state prizes, Russian government and Mingeo USSR prizes, 2 laureates of A.N. Kosygin Prize, 8 honoured science workers and honoured geologists, 19 subsoil exploring workers, 44 excellent sub exploring workers, 7 associate members and corresponding members of public academies of science. Recently TsNIGRI participated in 38 international and 26 Russian exhibitions where it was awarded with 35 diplomas and 18 rewards. The results of scientific and applied studies were reported at specialized international congresses, scientific and practical conferences, forums, round-tables, scientific discussions. The unique character and high level of scientific and methodical developments, their practical orientation determine prospects of the institute’s development. The accumulated information resources and complex nature of studies ensure that scientific and applied potential of TsNIGRI’s team is in great demand.